What is CIVIL LITIGATION? This is a very broad area within the spectrum of the practice of law which, simply, deals with disputes between two or more parties. These disputes might range from issues involving business disagreements, landlord/tenant discrepancies, financial issues, law suits involving real estate disputes, personal injuries, family discrepancies, and employments disputes.

CIVIL ATTORNEYS are really litigators who work primarily on civil lawsuits filed in court which may require arbitration and litigation.

Ramsey, Baxley & McDougle tries cases involving these areas of Civil Litigation and represents our clients who may need arbitration as well.

CORPORATE LAW is the body of laws, rules, regulations, and practices that govern the formation and operation of corporations and other businesses. This body of law exists to regulate how they operate and include everything involved in forming, operating, and managing a business.

CRIMINAL LAW is the type of law that defines crimes and offenses perpetrated against others and regulates the apprehension, charges and trial process of convicted offenders. It also determines the applicable treatment and penalties of criminals.