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212 W. Troy St. Dothan, AL 36303
212 W. Troy St. Dothan, AL 36303

Hamp Baxley was born in Dothan, Alabama, on July 26, 1971. He attended the University of Alabama School of Law and graduated from the institution in 2001, began the practice of law with Ramsey, Baxley & McDougle in August of 2001, and  was named a partner of the firm in 2003. Hamp is the fourth generation of Baxley family lawyers in Dothan as he follows his great-grandfather, grandfather, father and uncle into the legal profession.

Hamp has an unwavering commitment to the legal profession and strives to promote professionalism within the profession. Mr. Baxley’s goal is to tailor a client-specific legal plan that allows his clients to realistically gauge the possible and potential outcomes of their respective cases and to manage their litigation costs with as much precision as possible.

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