The firm traces its origins to J. Robert Ramsey, who began the practice of law in 1929.

Wade H. Baxley partnered with J. Robert Ramsey in 1971. In 1973, Joel Ramsey, Robert’s son, joined Ramsey & Baxley as a partner. Sadly, Mr. Ramsey passed away in 1979 leaving room for another attorney. In 1982, Charles McDougle joined the firm, and became a partner in 1985 with the firm changing to its current name of Ramsey, Baxley & McDougle. Hamp Baxley, the son of Wade H. Baxley, joined the firm and became a partner in 2003. After many years of dedicated service to the firm, Joel Ramsey retired in September of 2013. Wade H. Baxley, one of the founding partners, continued his distinguished career with the firm until shortly before his death in March of 2015. Today, Charles McDougle and Hamp Baxley are the remaining partners that make Ramsey, Baxley & McDougle one of the oldest firms in the Wiregrass Area.